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Residential or Commercial Burglar Alarm

The Gemini™ GEM-P1632 Hybrid 8 to 32-Zone Control/Communicator features 8 zones expandable to 32 zones with (multiplexing) assignable to either of two areas. Supporting up to 32 user codes, 8 relays, and X-10 support, the GEM-P1632 powerhouse has it all, wireless or hardwire! The panel supports all reliable, crystal-control Gemini Wireless, proven in independent tests to outperform the top competitive brands.

GEM-P1632 features:

  • 8 hardwire or wireless zones on board; instantly EZ-Zone doubled to 16–with NO additional equipment or cost!
    Up to 32 zones with multiplex expansion
  • Including 2 2-wire fire zones (7;8)
  • EZ Programming at keypad
  • Up to 32 user codes
  • Up to 2 areas
  • Fuseless, maintenance-free operation
  • Supports up to 7 keypads (see chart p.3)
  • 3 on-board relay outputs; expandable to 8 relay outputs
  • Up to 2 RF receivers
  • Interior bypass groups
  • Up to 8 X-10 devices supported for 16 different events
  • 400 event log
  • Auto arm

All Gemini hybrid controls feature:

  • Multiplex expandability using built-in EZMs in custom alpha keypads or 8-zone expansion modules (except GEM-P800)
  • Up/Downloading, including unique PC-preset unattended method
  • EZ-Programming mode at keypad
  • Choice of Gemini RF receivers & transmitters
  • Multi-stage lightning protection
  • Event log with open/close suppression
  • NetLink intranet/internet alarm reporting option
  • X-10 Support with optional GEM-X10 interface
  • Telco line cut supervision
  • Support for VOIP (voice over internet protocol) communications
  • Support all major communication formats & secondary pager format
  • SIA CP01 compliant versions available
  • Include transformer